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Health (Medical Aid)

MJ Fins are registered with the council for Medical Schemes and can give you advice on different medical aid options. This is a crucial part of a financial plan, as a private healthcare is extremely expensive and, if appropriate cover is not in place, this could lead to debt or large co-payments.  


MJ Fins tailor-make a unique lifestyle financial plan to suit your needs. This plan includes your goals, dreams and aspirations. We help guide you towards fulfilling your goals and dreams, and achieving financial wellness.


Risk management is an important aspect of any financial plan. Even the best financial plan can be derailed by an unexpected, traumatic event. We can analyse your existing cover, make recommendations and help implement the cover. Typical products used to cover risk are life cover, capital disability, income protector and dread disease cover.

Short Term Insurance

Your home, your business, your vehicle, your belongingsā€¦. these are not just things, they are a vital, valuable part of your life. It is reassuring to know that, should anything happen to them they can be replaced quickly and appropriately, provided you have the proper insurance cover in place. Your personal assets are important to…
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GAP Cover

There are often extra medical expenses not covered by the medical aids. Some Medical professionals in South Africa may charge more than your medical aid will cover for in hospital procedures making you liable for the extra costs. Your medical scheme may pay 100% or 200% of medical scheme rates. In Hospital Specialists may charge…
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Last Will & Testament

Ensuring you have a valid will can make all the difference to your family when you pass away. Without a will, the laws of intestate succession come in to play, meaning that your estate will be divided according to a specific formula by law. A will is such an important part of your estate and…
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Estate Planning

A well planned estate has many benefits, including ensuring the financial well-being of your family and the minimisation of death taxes. It further assists in the smooth, effective and quick administration of the estate, giving your family the much needed closure. We are able to offer you personalized estate planning and structuring to meet your…
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